12 ways Karl Lagerfeld changed the fashion world: The fashion world is mourning the loss of Karl Lagerfeld, an iconic
Suit yourself: why menswear finally smartened up its act: Illustration: Guardian Design The streetwear brand Supreme shocked the fashion world last year. No,
How fashion companies can avoid more blackface scandals: The Prada monkeys. The Gucci sweater. These fashion scandals sparked outcry from consumers, who


17-Year-Old Boy Shot At For Eating Eggs Outside Jewellery Shop In Delhi: A case was registered and further investigation is underway, the police said.
Malaika Arora: Get jewellery inspo for wedding festivities: From planning your wedding the post-wedding festivities, all the occasions need you
Art to wear: From jewellery to clothes, a new crop of Indian designers rewriting rules of fashion: Parama G’s Parama Ganguly, Aditi Chakraborty of Anki Bunki Aditi crafts jewellery,



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Sydney Mines woman carves out online niche with beauty, food and fashion SYDNEY MINES, N.S. —  A Sydney Mines native has fallen into a dream career of documenting everything food, fashion, beauty and travel. If you are somewhat in touch with
Rent frock Repeat’s Lisa Owen aiming to sew up the online fashion rental market for women We’ve all been there: staring blankly into the abyss of our closet, feeling like we have nothing to wear. It’s often followed by an urge to shop for more
‘Made in India’ Top Global Search for Online Fashion Shoppers For global online shoppers searching for fashion products, “made in India” far outpaces other countries with more than 269 million searches last year compared to 140 million for China and 88

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Analysis of the UK’s top 250 retailers, including big-name
Prernaa Makhariaa has an impressive following on Instagram and
‘Try jewellery online before you buy it’ Hyderabad: The