These Gucci Shoes Literally Go With Everything



The Style Stalker

Considering the fact that Balenciaga’s iconic Triple S sneakers have taken street style and our Instagram feeds by storm this past season, imagining another, equally iconic style seemed unnecessary. However, we couldn’t help but notice the rise in Gucci sneaker outfits we’ve been seeing among the fashion crew as of late. From the sleek and classic trainers featuring the brand’s signature bands to the label’s own statement-making chunky shoes, there’s a style that any fashion lover can appreciate. Better yet, they all happen to go with anything.

Blame it on the cult following the brand has amassed since Alessandro Michele took the helm as Gucci’s creative director in 2015 or the “more is more” mentality that comes with his designs, but fashion girls just can’t enough of Gucci, whether they consider themselves maximalists or not. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, there are some Gucci sneakers that’ll fit your personal style, and we pulled gathered the coolest looks featuring shoes from the brand to prove just that. Read on to see how fashion girls are wearing these shoes.