Ornaments online

Prernaa Makhariaa has an impressive following on Instagram and Facebook that looks to her for tips on the right kind of jewellery to wear

Even as a child, Prernaa Makhariaa knew that she wanted to do something creative when she grew up. She took up a course on character animation in college but realised that there was not much opportunities for it in India.

“That was in 2001. My second option was a career in the gold and diamond industry. I started to manufacture and design jewellery. I realised then there was not much online presence of ornaments from our country. I became a jewellery influencer, blogger and stylist in 2015. Now my day begins and ends with checking my phone,” says Prernaa, who has around 76,000 followers on Instagram and around 25,000 followers on Facebook.”

Mumbai-based Prernaa’s major clients are manufacturers and retailers and she was in the city recently for a networking meet conducted by Preferred Manufacturers of India. “I choose ornaments from their collection, style it and post the photographs or videos of the products in my social media pages. My personal style is very experimental. For example, I might pair antique Indian jewellery with western outfits. I also wear arm cuffs, waistbands and tiaras.”

Ornaments online

Prernaa says that it took her a few months to get recognition online. “The first photo that I posted was of the gadgets that I needed to have in order to be a blogger. Like a camera, laptop, power bank, mobile phone and a tripod. Initially, I uploaded photographs of jewellery from my personal collection and, as my reach increased, I started getting requests for jewellery promotion.”

The quality of the photographs and content plays an important role in the life of a blogger. “I realised it only after eight months after the launch of my page. I hired professional photographers and also took a photography course. I could see that my reach increased tremendously, as the quality improved.”

Prernaa updates her pages with new content everyday. She says that she carefully plans each post. “A lot of work goes behind it. I choose the outfit and make up that will compliment the jewellery and also model for the shoot. The photos are then sorted and scheduled to be posted online.”

Prernaa has a big collection of her own jewellery and her favourite is a hair clip that once belonged to her grandmother. “ It has enamel work with geometric patterns. I wear it on special occasions or when I miss her. It is more than 100 years old.” The influencer who is currently working on a project with Gems and Jewelley Domestic Council of India, Mumbai, identifies with the works of jewellery influencers such as Liza Urla and House of Misu.

Wear them right

1) Always have a balance. Do not go overboard. If you are wearing a statement necklace, team that with simple earrings and clothes.

2) When selecting a neck piece, always keep your neckline in mind. Chokers work well with low necklines while long chains work for a high or turtle neck.

3) Experiment fearlessly. Try armlets, waist belts and headgear. This will help you stand out.

4) For work, a simple pair of diamond or pearl studs and a pendant is an elegant choice.