The 10 best fragrances for the man in your life


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Finding a signature scent can be tricky for some guys, so it’s always good when you can lend him a helping hand in the fragrance department. Plus, this means that you can also steer him in the direction of a scent that you prefer 😉

Find the perfect cologne for the man in your life with these top 10 perfumes, which range from crisp, fresh smells to dark and woody scents.

Cool Water

#10 Davidoff Cool Water

This fragrance by Davidoff is pretty timeless. It basically smells like spring in a bottle thanks to its notes of mint, lavender, coriander, and rosemary. Reviewers have applauded this product for its lasting power – you’ll still be able to smell the scent after a whole day of wear. It’s also worth noting that other reviewers have mentioned that over-spritzing this fragrance can make it smell a little synthetic so go easy on this one.

Cost: $26.99 @ Chemist Warehouse

Real life review: “Nice perfume and long lasting scent. Would recommend for everyday wear.” – Ashleigh

Ralph Lauren

#9 Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Ralph Lauren’s Polo Blue combines fresh flavours like basil, melon, and mandarin with musky notes to create an earthy scent. While the combination might sound strange, it really works in this instance.

Cost: $99.99 @ Chemist Warehouse

Real life review: “I’ve been buying my partner this cologne for years. It’s one of my ultimate favourites. The scent is like ecstasy for your nose. It makes you want to keep sniffing it all day long. Totally mesmerising and enticing.” – Mandapanda

Issey Miyake

#8 Issey Miyake Pour Homme

The best word to describe this cologne is: clean. With top notes of ruby grapefruit and cardamom, middle notes of sage and lavender and base notes of white patchouli, this fragrance from Issey Miyake is a firm favourite for many men.

Cost: $85 @ Priceline

Real life review: “My husband absolutely LOVED his cologne!! I bought it for Christmas and since using it has had SO many compliments. Definitely his new favourite!” – Blake85


#7 Versace Pour Homme

If you’re after a fragrance that is delicate and not too overpowering, this is the one! Featuring the scent of bitter orange leaves, Neiroli flowers and citrus from Diamante (a town in Calabria), this smell will transport you to the Mediterranean in no time.

Cost: $69.99 @ Chemist Warehouse

Real life review: “The aroma may not be groundbreaking, but it’s a real crowd pleaser. Whenever I wear it, I usually hear, “Somebody smells good!” It lasts all day, even during the summer.” – Stephen

Bvlgari Man

#6 Bvlgari Man

This Bvlgari cologne gives off sophisticated and masculine vibes thanks to its woody scent. Filled with aromas of Calabrian bergamot, white wood, sandalwood, and musk – it smells DELICIOUS! It’s one of the more expensive cologne’s on this list but it is definitely worth the money.

Cost: $136 @ David Jones

Real life review: “Soooo lovely, it an elegant yet manly scent. Good for any man looking to make a statement with his scent.” – Mgdelin

Hugo Boss

#5 Hugo Boss Bottled Tonic

Chris Hemsworth is the face of this fragrance, so it’s already a winner in our books! Bottled Tonic walks the fine line between crisp and masculine with its citrus essences and bold woody notes.

Cost: $49.99 @ Chemist Warehouse

Real life review: “This is the second bottle of Tonic I have purchased for a male in our family. The scent is very fresh; clean with a hint of spice. It’s more of a summery men’s fragrance, and I can see this scent suiting most men whether old or young.” – Lauren

CK One

#4 Calvin Klein CK One

First launched in 1994, this perfume is still incredibly popular thanks to its bright and sensual scent. Filled with notes of pineapple, orange, lemon, rose and amber, this fragrance was designed for both men and women so it’s universally appealing. Having the ability to share your man’s cologne is a complete game changer!

Cost: $49 @ Priceline

Real life review: “Gorgeous light citrus scent that is just lovely to wear!” – Nicci438


#3 Dior Sauvage

Filled with lemony and Sichuan Pepper scents, this fragrance by Dior is seriously woody and gives off some very masculine vibes.

Cost: $99.99 @ Chemist Warehouse

Real life review: “There is nothing mediocre about this fragrance. It is crisp, fresh and very masculine.” – Wendy


#2 Bleu de Chanel

Described as “an ode to masculine freedom”, this woody cologne is filled with aromatic and woody notes thanks to the New Caledonian sandalwood. The bottle is also seriously beautiful and feels super luxurious.

Cost: $139.99 @ Chemist Warehouse

Real life review: “It is a really masculine, attractive scent that lasts all day. Definitely worth the $$” – Katis


#1 Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular fragrances for men as it perfectly balances the masculine woody scent with fresh, crispy notes to create a light cologne. It contains jasmine, rosemary, Indonesian patchouli, and green tangerine.

Cost: $89.99 @ Chemist Warehouse

Real life review: “It is not strong and has a fresh, elegant smell, which I love.” – Hoda95