Woman in Chandigarh forgets to put jewellery back in bank locker, remembers about it six days later

Woman forgets to keep jewellery in locker

Chandigarh: A woman went to operate her locker in a bank in Chandigarh but forgot to put the jewellery worth around Rs 11 lakh back in the locker. She remembered about it six days later and rushed back to the bank.

Devika Mahajan, a resident of Panchkula Sector-6, has a locker in Bank of Commerce located in Manimajra.

On March 7, she went to the bank and opened the locker and checked the ornaments. She forgot to put the jewellery back in the locker and left it in the bank.

She remembered about it six days later. When she went to the bank again on March 13, she found that the jewellery was missing.

Devika complained to the police. There was 25 tolas of gold and one diamond bangle, costing around Rs 11 lakh. Manimajra police station launched investigation.

Police checked the footage of CCTV cameras installed in the bank. It came out that Devika entered the locker room at noon.

Many people went to that room till the bank closed in the evening. Among those who visited was the bank’s security guard.

When quizzed, the guard admitted that he had kept the jewellery hidden in the washing machine. Now he was looking for a customer.

He said he was overcome with greed when he saw the jewellery kept in open.

Cops arrested the suspect who has been identified as Ashok Kumar, resident of Panchkula sector-4. He is the only security guard in the bank.

The police have recovered the stolen jewellery from him. He is being questioned to ascertain if he has any hand in any other criminal case.