Ex Nihilo Creates Oud-inspired Perfume

Image result for Ex Nihilo Creates Oud-inspired PerfumeEx Nihilo is a Parisian-based perfumery that specialises in luxury fragrances crafted by professional perfumer Olivier Pescheux.

The brand has created Oud Vendôme as a contemporary creation based on Agarwood, with an urban and Parisian signature. The fragrance opens with Saffron together with Ginger and Cinnamon, giving a modern style to the scent.

The fragrance is a French interpretation of Oud, and was inspired by the two different cultures of East and West that meet in Place Vendôme in Paris.

Oud Vendôme will be available for purchase at Bloomingdale’s in three sizes, 100ml for AED 1,337, 50ml for AED 916 and 5×7.5ml travel kit for AED 611.