The secret ingredient in your perfume may be cancerous chemicals, claims study!

The secret ingredient in your perfume may be cancerous chemicals, claims study!
We all love wearing perfumes. Vanilla, musk, fruity or floral- we are spoilt for choices. For some, it is a complete no-no to step out of the house without having the scent lingering on them. However, as charming and amazing these scents and fragrances smell, they work against the body’s natural chemistry.
For example, have you ever questioned the ‘secret ingredients” and “trade secrets” advertised in a perfume brand- the ones which are never disclosed?

Hate to break it to you, they are all chemicals, potentially putting you at risk for various pulmonary and chest disorder, including cancer. A new study conducted by Environmental Working Group claims that among all cosmetics, fragrances, in particular host around 1200 cancer-causing chemicals which are extremely bad for you. Worse, they are also the ones which can disturb your endocrine system, cause reproductive disorders and hormonal imbalance.

Why do perfumes have chemicals in them?
Ideally, manufacturers use chemicals to increase the longevity of the product and ensure that the spray disperses well, giving desired results.

But why are we kept in the dark?
The simple reason for this is that manufacturers have the option to not disclose the names of actual chemicals laden in them by simply labeling them under their category of added ‘fragrances’. Plus, most manufacturers claim to add secret ingredients and hence, do not disclose them.


A lot of the chemicals in them have carcinogens in them which are banned in Europe and contain extremely toxic potents in them. Plus, what is even more shocking is that these are the same chemicals found in a lot of cleaning agents and solutions. One of the most commonly traced chemicals is phthalates.

A single strand of scent contains a minimum of 15-20 chemical agents in them. This puts women’s health in concern since they are the prime target for cosmetic products.

This also explains why a lot of people experience a sort of allergic reaction or disdain to strong perfumes. One of the side-effects of the number of chemicals in the perfumes includes a nagging headache, migraine or developing an allergy.

However, there are ways you can ensure that the perfume you wear does not irritate you:

-Always check the label on your product. If something seems suspicious, double check it.

-Always go for a patch test and let it settle in first to see if your skin reacts to it in any way.

The right way to apply perfumes:

It is a common misconception that deodrants and perfumes should be applied on the skin. However, given the chemicals in them, you should keep your skin clear and apply it on your clothes.This way, the body’s natural oils do not get disturbed and you reduce the chances of chemical reactions.