Lily Aldridge Just Launched Her Own Perfume Line, and It’s Beautiful Inside and Out

A bottle of Haven perfume on flowers and model Lily Aldridge posing with a flower

The last few years have seen seemingly countless celebrities take a step outside their main métier and into the business of beauty. But while most of these career moves have brought new makeup, hair products, and skin care to the market, model Lily Aldridge felt a calling to a different corner of the industry: fragrance. But her eponymous new line, Lily Aldridge Parfums, is a far cry from the ubiquitous celebrity scents we’re so used to seeing. As she recently told Allure, it has been a very personal, thoughtful experience that she’s excited to finally share.

Aldridge knew she wanted her first scent to be one she would naturally gravitate toward — one with the florals she loves smelling in her garden at her home in Nashville. But like so many of us, she enjoys fragrance but didn’t know all the ins and outs of the craft. “When I said I want a floral, they were like, ‘What kind of floral?’ You have to pick gardenia or peony or roses, and then what kind of rose, how sticky the rose, how dry the rose. So many little details, which was so fun and exciting,” says Aldridge, who worked over the course of two years with perfumer Yves Caesar to create what ultimately became Haven.

In addition to rose absolute and peony, “There’s a nice musk to it that makes it linger on,” Aldridge says of Haven. “The floral hits you first, and then, throughout the day, the musky floral smell kind of stays with you. And I love that.”

Haven served as an opportunity to create the kind of fragrance she typically reaches for herself; however, Summit, the next fragrance that will drop in November, allowed her to develop a scent she normally wouldn’t go for — and she was pleasantly surprised to find she truly enjoyed it. “Summit isn’t necessarily something I would gravitate to if I saw it in print, but I love it,” Aldridge tells Allure, explaining that it’s a more cologne-like scent that’s darker, deeper, and cozier, with notes of tobacco, leather, and spices. “It’s a side of me that I didn’t even know was there.”

In fact, she loves Summit so much she already wore it to the Met Gala earlier this year. “My Met Ball look this year was very edgy, and I feel like it completed the story for me,” Aldridge says. “It just felt moody and sexy for the night. And it’s fun to have something where you’re like, ‘Ooh, I want to wear this tonight because I want to play this character or I feel this way.'”

How the collection smells isn’t the only aspect of this new project about which Aldridge cared deeply. During those two years of development, she took great pride in making the packaging both thoughtful and beautiful. “Literally every single detail, I’ve just been obsessing and thinking about, like, uppercase or lowercase? What color is the fragrance going to be?” she tells Allure, explaining that sustainability also played a part in her decisions; notably, the box a bottle is shipped in is the only box — no additional packaging — and for every tree that is used to make the beautiful wood cap, Lily Aldridge Parfums is replanting five trees in its place. “I love a beauty vanity. I love perfume bottles, and I just wanted something that would look really pretty and something that I’ve never seen before on a beauty counter.”

Lily Aldridge holds up a bottle of her Haven perfume
Courtesy of brand

Her fragrances won’t be alone on her vanity. In addition to her own scents, Aldridge tells Allure that some of the beauty products she loves using most also have the prettiest packaging. For example, Pat McGrath Labs’ Skin Fetish Highlighter & Balm Duo. “I always put it on my eyelids. I like a dewier [look], and that balm is just enough where it just looks healthy,” she says. As for skin care, “I love Tata Harper because I’m nursing right now, so everything I’m using, I’m trying to be as natural as I can get while still being effective. Her line is really amazing, and it looks so beautiful on your vanity, with your perfume — you know, the Tata Harper bottle, the Lily Aldridge perfume, Pat McGrath. It’s a story. It makes you feel good.”

Haven by Lily Aldridge Parfums is now available for $50 on