Salesman steals jewellery from Vastrapur showroom

Salesman steals jewellery from Vastrapur showroom

Zanzar Jewellers
A salesman at a jewellery shop has been accused of stealing gold ornaments worth Rs 1.71lakh. Vasantkumar Shah, owner of Zanzar Jewellers at Sardar Centre near Vastrapur lake, filed a complaint with Vastrapur police, accusing Ranip resident Jayanti Soni of stealing 45 gm of gold jewellery from his shop. Shah told police that he detected the theft on September 4.

Shah was checking stock at the showroom when he found a pair of earrings and a ring that was out of place. This raised his suspicion and Shah checked the entire stock to realise that ornaments weighing 45 gm was missing. Shah immediately checked CCTV footage at the shop and saw that, on August 30, Shah found Soni was moving around the stock.

When Shah confronted Soni on September 6, he allegedly accepted to have taken jewellery from the showroom’s stock. According to Shah when he asked Soni to return the jewellery, Soni told Shah that he will take him to the spot where the jewellery was kept. When Shah and Soni descended the stairs of the complex, Soni ran away.

Shah told police that when he called Soni thereafter, he would promise to come to the shop with the goods, but never turn up. When repeated calls bore no fruit, Shah registered a police complaint. Vastrapur PSI JJ Rana, who is investigating the case, told Mirror, “The accused has been called to police station. And further probe is going on.”